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Prediction of the olive oil production: Deoleo

Deoleo is a Spanish alimentary group, world leader on bottled oil sale field ,which is listed on the Spanish stock exchange. It has an extensive international presence with recognized brands that maintain leadership on the most important markets in the world, as CARBONELL, BERTOLLI, CARAPELLI or SASSO.

Deoleo needs to predict the production of the future olive oil campaigns to distribute efficiently the importation and exportation of oil.  For this purpose, Deoleo counts on Apara that, through its predictive analytics tool dVelox, will support the operational division of the company.

The agronomist will be the ones to obtain an optimized precision of the olive tones that will be produced on the next campaign before its beginning, through predictive analytics models and meteorological data of the most important production locations.


  • Explanatory model in which the most decisive variables are observed
  • The system learns and improves automatically with its use.
  • Graphic and intuitive interface in order to make decision-making easier.

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