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Agreement between Apara and the University Rey Juan Carlos

Through the established agreement between Apara and the University Rey Juan Carlos, there is a frame of collaboration between Company and University to perform research work in processes of complex decision making.

The main objectives of this agreement are the following:

  • To create a stable relation between the parties so that enables an increase of the productivity of both institutions
  •  To create adequate media between the groups which allow the collaboration when performing common projects requests mainly in the framework of collaborative budgets and e-democracy.
  • Students and researchers exchange between the parties

“Apara has been collaborating with the University Rey Juan Carlos for several years now and ,this way, we have been working together on projects as the Ramses or the Ender and the relationship that we maintain is very good”. “Furthermore we have participated in some conferences that met common interests, so we hope this relationship to continue for many more years”.