24 Feb 2016

Audit, evaluation and analysis of information of the process Triad for Basilea II: Banco Santander

Objective: automation of the complete process, as well as the generation of input and output data quality verifying rules, speeding up the process and granting more time for the final analysis of information

  • Selection and verification of the quality of the data sent to the Triad engine, overcoming the difficulty of uniting the information from the different departments and defining the entrance processes, with the purpose of optimizing the data quality and, thus, obtaining accurate output results for its following analysis.
  • Evaluation of the results obtained by the engine and verification that the returned data are the expected ones.
  • Analysis of the generated information, reports elaboration and consumer segmentation, oriented to the study performed by the Banco Santander, according to the recommendations related to the project Basilea II.


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