Swedol, Swedish company specializing in DIY counts on Apara to face its Mobile Business Intelligence project: Multiple devices support Dynamic reports and on and off line access Maximum security Centralized…
Apara participates with its product, dVelox,and together with its partner Blue Telecom, on the Mobile World Congress 2015 that started the 2th March in Barcelona.
Apara is already member of the Cloudera network of partners. Apara,company specialized in solutions and services which allow transforming the data in value as well as a faster decision-making, has…
Kimberly Harris-Ferrante, Gartner VP Distinguished Analyst, in her last specialized report for the insurance field ("Insurers Adopting Fraud Analytics to Drive Loss Reduction and Competitive Advantage") has mentioned Apara as…

Apara is a company born in 2002 with 100% Spanish capital as a spin-off of the Quality and Technology Group. More than fifteen years of experience in Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence prove its success. Apara has developed dVelox, the first Spanish business platform regarding Predictive Analytics mentioned by Gartner in more than 15 reports. 

C/ Juan Hurtado de Mendoza
1st Floor A, Madrid (Spain)
Tlf: +34 91 144 06 00
Fax: +34 91 304 49 15