Social networks can help to predict the value oscillations of the shares, specially if the messages are negative.
Apara participates with its product, dVelox,and together with its partner Blue Telecom, on the Mobile World Congress 2015 that started the 2th March in Barcelona.
Gartner analyzes the capabilities of dVelox Enterprise Fraud Management, the solution developed by Apara
Jan 08
Fraternidad Muprespa, mutual company in the field of prevention of occupational hazards, protects nowadays more than 1.200.000 workers and gives service to over 121.000 mutual companies all over Spain. Apara…
Jan 07
Multiasistencia, a Spanish multinational company specialized in management and repair of home, businesses and communities’ accidents for insurance companies, counts on Apara with the goal of optimizing the detection of…
Jan 01
Irregularities’ detection solution from policies/losses of the insurer. Through data analysis using Probabilistic Graphical Models built up with the dVelox tool and explanation of the data using BI. Analysis and…
Dec 29
The Caja counts on Apara with the purpose of improving the success rate when offering a life insurance among its clients. Analysis of the data. Pre-processing to apply Predictive Analysis…
Jan 04
The Agency of Information Technology and Communications of the Community of Madrid requires data quality services and, for this purpose, it counts on Apara. There is a need to create…
Jan 03
Generali Seguros is a Spanish insurance company, which is part or the Italian insurance Assicurazioni Generali. Its activity is based on offering insurance solutions both to freelances and to SMEs…
Dec 28
Coaching and advanced analytic training applied to the field of the audit. The goal of the training is to know the techniques of the predictive analytics and its possible applications…
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Apara is a company born in 2002 with 100% Spanish capital as a spin-off of the Quality and Technology Group. More than fifteen years of experience in Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence prove its success. Apara has developed dVelox, the first Spanish business platform regarding Predictive Analytics mentioned by Gartner in more than 15 reports. 

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