Feb 23
Apara has reinforced its Big Data analytics division with professionals experienced in Big data distribution, intake, storage and processing latest technologies, in orther to provide our clients with an accurate…
Jun 08
The platform dVelox Enterprise is able to improve a 35% on average the detection of the fraud that insurance companies have to face.
Apr 12
Apara, intelligent automation of decision making processes technology development leading company, announces the availability of dVelox Base, a Predictive Analytics solution targeted for business analysts that can be downloaded from…
Jun 07
On May 19th took place the webinar: “Predictive analytics with dVelox Base”. By means of it, the platform’s operation and capabilities are explained in a simple and easy way.
Feb 24
Company's need: Deeper knowledge of consumers Innovate on the relationship strategies with consumers: recruitment and retention. Solution: Predictive models able to indicate the characteristics of the clients with higher probability…
Feb 24
Position determination, calculation of sensitivity, simulations, risk monitorization against limits, etc. Risk measurement with simulation of historic scenario,covariances models, Montecarlo simulation Models' assessment, calibration of models' assessment, profitability analysis,model's development…
Feb 24
Objective: automation of the complete process, as well as the generation of input and output data quality verifying rules, speeding up the process and granting more time for the final…
Feb 19
Thanks to being referenced on several Gartner's reports, Apara appears on an opinion article of the Gartner special edition of the journal Computing. Apara has developed dVelox, the first spanish…
Feb 04
The increase of the arrearage rate is one of the main concerns of the financial sector. Entities make efforts to combat non-payments with different strategies. Among them, Cetelem counts on…
Feb 04
The increasing level of competitiveness of the telephony sector makes necessary the companies’ achievement of competitive advantages. Orange seeks to improve the clients’ abandonment detection and stablish improvement lines. For…
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Apara is a company born in 2002 with 100% Spanish capital as a spin-off of the Quality and Technology Group. More than fifteen years of experience in Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence prove its success. Apara has developed dVelox, the first Spanish business platform regarding Predictive Analytics mentioned by Gartner in more than 15 reports. 

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