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dVelox Data Quality: the basis for the success in order to make effective decisions

The quality of the data is the most important aspect and the basis for the success of the effective decision making. Being aware of this need, Apara, new technologies company specialized in advanced predictive analytics solutions, offers specific quality services of the data for those systems that, for their particular sources, need a specific treatment of data depuration in the charging process.

dVelox data quality imgApara offers its customers, dVelox Data Quality, designed to offer the business users the right functionalities of the data quality in every moment. Incorporating maximum effectiveness nodes (audit, catalogue, distance and validation of personal information), the tool ensures the users that their data are correctly identified and correlated achieving up to 72% improvement of precision.

Without technical knowledge, administrators and business analysts can easily and continuously manage the level of quality of their data in the context of their changing environment.

The tool allows solving problems which imply incomplete state, lack of conformity, incoherencies, inexactness, invalidity and duplication of data among others.

dVelox Data Quality proportionate the following characteristics to resolve problems of data quality:

  • Data cleansing, validation and correction of data
  • Matching with a catalogue or inventory (products, streets, etc.)
  • Profiling or optimization of the data model
  • Supervision of the activities to guarantee the quality of the data and coherence.