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16 Mar 2015

Apara, the only spanish company recognized by Gartner in its "Market Guide for Insurance Fraud Analytics"

Gartner analyzes the capabilities of dVelox Enterprise Fraud Management, the solution developed by Apara

The distinguished analyst, Kimberly Harris – Ferrante, analyzes the capabilities of the dVelox Enterprise Fraud Management in the insurance sector, the solution developed by Apara is able to improve an average of 35% the fraud detection the insurance companies have to deal with.

Apara,intelligent automation of decision making processes technology development leading company, announces that it has been the only spanish company referenced in the ‘Market Guide for Insurance Fraud Analytics’, elaborated by Gartner's analyst, Kimberly Harris - Ferrante.

In its report, Gartner analyzes the capabilities of the solution developed by apara to improve an average of 35% the fraud detection the insurance companies has usually to deal with. Together with this solution, Gartner provides information about 13 other solution, eight developed by North American manufacturers and five developed by European ones.

dVelox Enterprise is a powerful and accurate articial intelligence engine for fraud management incharged of transforming data into an optimal and precise predictive model in ordrer to allow insurance companies to detect and explain the causes of a determinate fraud as soon as possible with the purpose of control and stop it.

Gartner's report affirms that improve the accuracy and fastness of fraud detection is a critical point for insurance companies when reducing losses. According to the analyst, only few organizations have already updated their traditional rules systems and have invested in more modern solutions. Thanks to it,these organizations are reducing ,in a significant way, the losses associated to the fraud withstood and increasing their commercial margins.

Manuel Marín Martínez, technical director of Apara, comments that "Insurance companies show increasingly their in the incorporation of analytics tools based on predictive models that allows the fraud detection in real time.We are very pleased that a prestigious analyst as Kimberly Harris-Ferrante,Gartner, referenced dVelox Enterprise on the market guide of insurance antifraud analytic solutions at a global level from 2012

Gartner's reports about Apara

Apara Solutions

Apara is a company born in 2002 with 100% Spanish capital  as a spinoff of the Quality and Technology Group. More than twelve years of experience in Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence prove its success. Apara has developed dVelox, the first Spanish business platform regarding Predictive Analytics mentioned by Gartner in more than ten reports