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07 Jun 2016

Now available: The video of the Webinar "Predictive analytics with dVelox Base"

On May 19th took place the webinar: “Predictive analytics with dVelox Base”. By means of it, the platform’s operation and capabilities are explained in a simple and easy way.

dVelox Base is a Predictive Analytics solution targeted for business analysts that can be download through the company’s webpage for free. The platform is a reduced version of dVelox Enterprise, a powerful, accurate artificial intelligence engine that transform Data into predictive models, thus , allowing business users to anticipate and find out the causes of particular business scenarios.

The following video contains webinar in its entirety, through which you will see, by using dVelox Base, how to:

  • Create business rules 
  • Develop and validate predictive models
  • Improve the understanding of 3D models 
  • Import and export models and workflows